Are Herbal Tinctures as Effective as Capsules?

Myth: Dried herbs in capsule form are just as effective as a tincture.

Many people are unfamiliar with taking herbal medicine in tincture form because they simply aren’t as common in traditional western medicine. They require a very specific manufacturing process that takes time and knowledge, plus constant monitoring and testing to ensure precise extraction. It is much easier and cheaper to grind dried herbs and put them into capsules.

Herbal Tinctures are More Quickly Absorbed

But what about effectiveness? Our bodies utilize about 98% of herbal extracts/tinctures but only about 50% of capsule and tablets. Tinctures are far more potent due to the large concentration of herbs in a smaller dose. They are easier to digest and are more quickly absorbed because the body doesn’t need to break down the plant cellulose in order to absorb the medicinal properties of the herbs also often resulting in far fewer gastrointestinal side effects!

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The Down Side is Herbal Tinctures Can Taste AWFUL!

BUT there are many things you can do to get them down without suffering too much! One of my favourite ways other than mixing with a couple ounces of juice (orange or pineapple seem to work well) is to add them to your favourite tea with honey. The boiled water essentially “burns off” the alcohol in the tincture, which often helps with the sharp taste, but won’t alter the effectiveness of the herbs themselves.

However you are able to get them down it makes you a rockstar mom in our opinion! Read some other great tips on How to take Rumina Natural Tinctures.

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