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Great minds think alike – here are some common inquires and great questions often asked by wonderful people, just like you.

Do you ship to the USA directly from this website?

Yes! We ship worldwide. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing fast delivery and timely customer service.

How frequently can I apply the Baby Rump Rub cream to my baby?

Feel free to use this all natural, fast acting cream as frequently as needed to achieve desired results.

I notice essential oils in your Baby Rump Rub and Totally Tallow. Is this safe for new babies, lactation and pregnancy?

Essential oils add tremendous therapeutic value for cellular health and overall skin care. But only certain essential oils are safe for new babies, lactation and pregnancy. We’ve extensively researched both the safety and efficacy of essential oils and, as a result, use only those deemed 100 percent safe. We also ensure that they are diluted properly as well.

Can I take your lactation tinctures if I am on pharmaceutical support for low milk supply?

Yes. Our herbal tinctures work synergistically with Motilium (Domperidone) to increase milk supply. There are no contraindications to concomitant use. Always consult your doctor any time you are taking something new.

How long should I take my prenatal supplements?

Ideally, prenatal supplements should be taken six months prior to conception to ensure vital nutrient stores such as folate, iron and other minerals are at their optimal levels. It’s often recommended to continue prenatal supplements after birth to ensure that the high metabolic needs of nursing are met. The quality of breast milk is greatly enhanced if mom is healthy and well nourished. You can continue your supplements until you’re done nursing your baby.

Can I take the lactation tinctures while pregnant?

No. Do not take our lactation herbs while pregnant, even if you are nursing a toddler while pregnant.

Is Totally Tallow safe to use for stretch mark prevention?

Absolutely. Moms around the world LOVE grass-fed, organic tallow for itchy, growing bellies. Tallow is rapidly absorbed and ultra-hydrating. It is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is literally food for your skin! The ultimate in skincare, from head to toe, for the whole family.

Your nipple cream contains honey. Is honey safe for newborns?

This is a VERY important question and so glad you asked! We use the highest quality medical grade, sterile Manuka honey. It offers outstanding anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties for sore, wounded nipples with no risk of botulism spores. It is completely safe for ingestion by newborns.

Do I need to wash off the nipple ointment before nursing my baby?

No, there is no need to wash or wipe of the Ouchie Momma Nipple Rescue prior to nursing your baby. The formula is completely safe for ingestion by a newborn. Health Canada has approved our formula and has been granted a Natural Product Number (NPN) to let consumers know our product has proudly undergone extensive government scrutiny.