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Increase Breast Milk Supply – Naturally

Prior to taking medication or herbs to increase your milk supply, there are practical measures to increase breastmilk supply naturally at home that require attention – namely frequency of milk removal and degree of emptying.

  • Nurse on demand, as often as possible and make sure your baby empties your breasts – signalling your body to make more milk. It’s also important to recognize that babies are generally better at removing milk from the breast than pumps. Babies use both suction and compression while nursing and there is an undeniable mother-child connection which facilitates an easier let-down than when a pump is used.
  • Use Your Hands. If you are relying on a pump to help you remove milk then make sure you are using your hands as well. Adding in massage and some compressions can really help remove more milk, resulting in more milk being made. Here is a great video you can watch to demonstrate this
Read a great testimonial from an exclusively pumping  Mom on how to increase supply when pumping  and her success with our lactation supplements

Herbs That Increase Milk Supply

Once you feel confident in your ability to empty your breasts and nurse and/or pump at an optimal frequency, you may wish to consider herbs as an effective option to further increase your milk supply. Herbs that help to increase breast milk supply are called galactagogues. The most well known is probably a herb called Fenugreek. This herb has been around for a long time but has very limited quality research to back up its use. It also has the potential to cause side effects such as making your urine and sweat smell, upsetting your stomach, diarrhea, worsening of symptoms for women with asthma or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and some gastrointestinal upset in nursing infants. We do NOT use any Fenugreek in our lactation formulas. We are unimpressed with the current evidence and clinically results simply don’t measure up. Chances are most moms have at least heard of it or tried it already and are looking for something new.

Herbs used in Rumina Naturals Tinctures to Increase Breastmilk Supply

Our Milk Aplenty blend is truly unique and features herbs with solid research behind them. We have combined our many years of experience as an RN, IBCLC and a Naturopathic Doctor to thoughtfully create the most potent supplement to help boost a mother's milk supply-safely and naturally. Our blend contains a herb weight equivalence of 1500mg, over 4 times the strength of other formulas. We include therapeutic doses of Shatavari, Moringa/Mulunggay, Milk Thistle (Silymarin), and Vervain. Herbs that we've carefully sourced to be 100% USDA Organic and are manufactured in a certified organic facility on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

Lactation Consultants are Experts in Breastfeeding

Contact an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) if you are experiencing struggles. These practitioners are the experts in breastfeeding and lactation and are invaluable in helping you reach your breastfeeding goals!

At Rumina, we understand your journey – the ups and downs – and are here for you! You’ve got this, Momma!

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