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We work to get your orders processed NINJA fast - but please know Canada Post is experiencing delays on their end due to COVID-19
We work to get your orders processed NINJA fast - but please know Canada Post is experiencing delays on their end due to COVID-19

Milk Aplenty

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Milk Aplenty

Lactation support for low milk supply

4oz Herbal Tincture

Naturally boosts Breast Milk Production

WHY IT'S AWESOME Everything you need to know about this product.

Increase breastmilk supply with our best seller, Milk Aplenty.

Harness the power of nature with Rumina Naturals’ best lactation support supplement in Canada, Milk Aplenty. This certified organic herbal tincture for breastfeeding is a blend of nature’s most potent herbs. This blend is the most popular organic lactation supplement without fenugreek. Contemporary research confirms the ability of these herbs to work fast. A tincture is the most effective delivery to ensure maximum absorption. This fenugreek-free lactation supplement tastes awful, but works! You’ve got this, Mama.

A proprietary blend of nature's most potent herbs to safely boost breast milk production.

  • Nutrient dense, traditional tincture to increase production of breast milk.
  • Supportive of the female endocrine system.
  • Certified Organic
INGREDIENTS See a complete list on everything in our products.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) Root extract* (1:1) 1 ml/1 g, Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaf extract* (1:2) 0.5ml/250 mg, Vervain (Verbena officinalis) Herb extract* (1:2) 0.3 ml/150mg, Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) Seed(s) extract* (1:2) 0.2 ml/100 mg, Sugar Cane Alcohol*, Water

This product is not Halal - contains alcohol

*Organic ingredient

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Alisha Williams
Lot 52120

To whom it may concern,

I have been using rumina natural tincture products consistently for over 6 months now. My recent order of Milk Aplenty Lot # 52120 tastes very different, and is much lighter in color. It also doesn't have as much of the "aweful" taste. Comparing this to my just finished milk aplenty supplement lot #44490
I have found your products to be amazing fostering my breastfeeding journey. I am worried this is a one off, and it will affect my supply as it appears to be very different from previous batches. Are you able to provide more clarity and/or offer a replacement.
Recent order # 4593

Alisha Williams

Samantha Chimuk
Best product ever!

Best product ever!

Increases supply but baby poo is dark green

I started to take this from yesterday and it really works but my baby’s poo is dark green in colour… is it normal to be like this??? Should I continue it or shall I stop it??
Please give a reply as soon as possible

Attie Sandink
MILK A Plenty

Love this product. it does what it is supposed to do. But clients are all different but occasionally clients say it is not effective. Mostly is because it is not taken regularly


I tried fenugreek which worked a bit but was having supply issues again when my cycle returned around 3 months. I’m now at 4.5 months of using just this supplement and it works much better than anything else I tried beforehand including fenugreek. I have not had to supplement with formula to date, was able to exclusively breastfeed, which I credit to this tincture. Also, I kind of like the taste! Tastes natural and inoffensive.