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Nature’s Pharmacy: Proven Effective For Centuries

Nature’s Pharmacy: Proven Effective For Centuries

Our ancestors didn’t have a pharmacy to run to when mom and baby required health and wellness assistance. They turned to family, friends and trusted leaders for advice. The plant-based remedies that they used have proven to be effective over hundreds of years. These are the ingredients we, even in the 21st century, rely on again and again. 

As healthcare practitioners and moms, we know there are solutions all around us grounded in centuries of practice. However, being in healthcare also means that no matter how good the stories are, we want to see the efficacy and safety for ourselves first. That’s how we arrived at many of the ingredients used in our products. 

Why herbs and other ingredients matter
While it may be true that it’s easier to control the creation of a product in a lab, we know that plants and other nature-based products can be measured, analyzed and used in ways that are just as controlled. This is important to families who want to know what they are putting in, and on, their bodies. We strongly recommend choosing products that list all their ingredients and we encourage you to research each of them.  

Historical practices show the way
Working in healthcare and helping women embark upon their journey of motherhood revealed a gap in the products that growing families needed. There were already formulations for increasing breast milk supply that included moringa, but we knew there were other ingredients that could work synergistically to do more. 

Ancient medical practices offered insight
Ayurveda established its roots in India’s medical practices more than two thousand years ago. It is still one of India’s traditional health care options. Ayurveda is a complex, holistic approach to body, mind and spirit health that strives for balance through food, movement and relationships. 

We also looked at traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Dating back between two and three thousand years, TCM is based on keeping yin and yang balanced to ensure Qi (life force) is strong. There are many methodologies used in TCM like acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies. 

We took the best, proven ingredients from these modalities and combined them with others like essential oils first noted in ancient Egypt and Persia and using sugar cane alcohol in the lowest doses possible to preserve tinctures. 

Get to know a few of our favourites
Having a favourite herb is a bit like having a favourite child. Each has their own gifts and roles to play. Here are three of our favourites you can find in our product ingredient lists as well as online in efficacy studies. 

  • Shatavari – a species of asparagus, shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb with prolific tuberous roots. This is a good thing, because the roots are where the benefits lie. In addition to supporting reproductive health and the immune system, it is known to increase breast milk supply. This happens with the increase in production of prolactin, a hormone that increases milk supply.
  • Ginger root powder – Did you grow up in a house where an upset stomach meant drinking flat ginger ale? Even without knowledge of TCM, parents knew ginger helped calm little tummies. That makes it an ideal ingredient for prenatal vitamins with its gentle warming effect and ability to push stomach energy back down, rather than it coming back up. 
  • Moringa – Also considered a heating ingredient, moringa is used in both Ayurveda and TCM. It’s filled with anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals and has been used to increase milk supply for generations. Moringa powder comes from the leaves of the moringa tree. 

Here at Rumina Naturals, we trust nature’s centuries-old pharmacy. Every ingredient used in our products has been specifically selected to be effective and deliver results while being 100 percent safe for families. 

At Rumina, we share your love of family. As former health practitioners, we believe everyone deserves products that have been developed with great intention and regard for quality. We use only the highest quality, natural sourced ingredients in our products – ingredients that have been thoughtfully chosen with rigorous attention to therapeutic effectiveness and safety. If you have questions about any of our products or are looking for additional information on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond, reach out to us at
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